CodeIgniter – Tips

(Why should we use $_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’] and not LOCALHOST in base_url ?)

$_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’] – this will produce the exact server name. For example: your computer’s IP is and echo $_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’] the output is:

input : echo $_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’];


Issue: (note: assuming that you are a SERVER) If you are using base_url() and set it to (localhost/www/site/) to extend that path of your css, scripts links etc. This would be helpful. For example: <?php echo base_url(‘assets/css/bootstrap.css’); ?> this will produce http://localhost/www/site/assets/css/bootstrap.css. If the CLIENT request for the site no css file will be loaded because its also producing the url of css to LOCALHOST. That’s the reason we should use $_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’], it will produce the right servername.


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